Summer 2020 Amenities

Importance of each amenity to you:
1-star: not important, rarely used, I wouldn't notice if it were closed
2-star: infrequently used, it wouldn't bother me if it were closed
3-star: sometimes used, I would be mildly inconvenienced if it were closed
4-star; used somewhat regularly, I would be noticeably inconvenienced if it were closed
5-star: depend on this, Please open ASAP (as soon as physically possible)

Pool/Hot Tub

Average3.4(in 5)
Maximum5(in 5)
Minimum0(in 5)


Average3.7(in 5)
Maximum5(in 5)
Minimum0(in 5)


Average3.3(in 5)
Maximum5(in 5)
Minimum0(in 5)

Workout Room

Average2.0(in 5)
Maximum5(in 5)
Minimum0(in 5)


Select which lettered-statement below best describes your feelings:

A(110 in 339)
B(84 in 339)
C(87 in 339)
D(14 in 339)

Comments Specifc to Pool

Please provide any additional comments you would like us to hear

B - guidelines are already out
We would need clearly and emphatically state to the community that we are willing to close the pool on a moments notice if and when the requirements are not being followed....and then actually follow through! People’s first instinct will be to agree to the requirements and then ignore them.
The pool is a HUGE amenity in our community - especially for kids trying to enjoy an extremely challenging summer. Many other pools have already opened, in areas far more impacted by COVID than Mason County.
I wouldn't want the pool to be closed forever, but until there is a vaccine, it does not make sense to me to risk it.
Maybe pool could by reservation. We have 5 special needs kids who would love to be able to swim
50% capacity with limited time in pool and area. Social distancing in pool area and not allow to say all day.
Change the rule. Must be 18. Dont need a monitor so no risk to kids. We pay for this let us use it.
I do not agree with any of these options
We won't be using the pool until we have a vaccine, so take my "B" answer with a grain of salt!
I think that the Board tends to take on more authority in enforcing state mandates than is appropriate.
Permanent residents mostly are Obote age 65. Those that are not full time residents or rental clients come from areas that have had a significant higher incident rate then Mason county . You have to manage tot he high risk owners .
Would it work to open only the pool; keep hot tub and restrooms closed and do not put out any furniture? Allow residents to bring their folding chair. Perhaps request that they limit their stay to one hour and observe social distancing.
The virus is surging! This is not a good idea to have people together in the pool....For the good health and safety for all
At present, I see no justification for opening the pool area.
Would not put at risk employees and the vulnerable
Opening the pool is asking for trouble.
Please open ASAP. People who are concerned about COVID should stay home!
As you probably know, the risk outside (with social distancing) is much lower than inside spaces. Obviously, the important part to post clear rules on is the bathrooms.
I would support this option (B)- only if we could anticipate and solve for risks as much as possible- it's not worth opening for 'convenience' -- safety is more important.
I use the pool all the time when it’s open. I am not satisfied with its closure. I believe we are all capable of making our own decisions. I don’t think I need others telling me what I can and can’t do. Let people who want to use the pool use it, and those who don’t can choose not to use it.
I would love to swim but I think this could be really hard on pool attendants. There are a couple of pools open in the King County area, and the arrangements are really complex (advance reservations, masks on deck, etc.). It's a lot.
I would suggest limiting the occupancy to the state standards and doing sessions so everyone could use it (ie: 9-12, 12-3, 3-6, 6-close) Clear the pool area between sessions to allow the next group in.
In your last newsletter it was all about COVID. Earlier you wanted people with second homes to stay in their primary home. You closed down rentals but that was not enforced. So now you want to open the pool. You can’t hire kids to police and monitor, it would require the authority of an adult.
I am okay leaving the pool closed for this summer if the numbers continue to increase and guidelines cannot be met, but would like the dues paid by all for this facility to be set aside in a clearly marked fund for future pool expenses. Additionally, if the pool remains closed, there should be sufficient time to develop a clear plan for reopening next summer. I believe transparency and regular, open communication with the community will go a very long way in alleviating negative feedback and helping obtain buy-in from the majority of the community, regardless of whether the pool opens or not.
Club pools are open in counties much harder hit - there is precedent for procedures we can follow.
we would love to be using the pool, but would rather be sure we aren't increasing the risk of COVID. It's hard to "police" even wearing masks, some people just don't seem to care, which makes it really hard when my family is wearing masks, social distancing, etc. but not everyone in the community is.
We used to use the pool all the time, but we're taking this virus very seriously and personally would not be taking our child to the pool regardless this summer.
The summer pool season is practically half over already. I don't see the point in opening the pool now.
The pool is VERY important, and management needs to ensure that it would NOT be closed for the rest of the season.
Please open the pool as we are in phase 3. Have family sign up times or sessions with 20 people. This is doable.
These questions are worded very inappropriately.
Kids are learning to enjoy salt water swimming and the beaches. Keep the pool closed
Limited time and reservations are worth a try. Our mental health will be positive affected by a swim!
I'm inclined to recommend the pool be open and allow people to use the pool at their own risk. If an individual is uncomfortable with the risk, they can choose to not use the pool.
Pool is important to our family, but I also understand the need to be cautious and safe at this time. Thank you for considering our opinion.
I don't want HPMA to have to spend extra funds for the pool rqmts. If large >$1000, user fees are needed.
We have already told the grandkids that the pool will be closed this summer. Any requirements necessary to use it would be too stressful for the use to be of value to me :)
As a healthcare worker myself, my personal feeling is it is best not to open the pool/spa at all this year.
Outdoor spaces are much less likely to spread Covid, and there are many community pools that have come up with plans, so I think it is very doable.
Thank you for all you’re doing, as a volunteer board, during these very uncertain times.
The pool is a great amenity but health and safety are an even greater amenity.
Of course safety comes first, but if the pool could open, we would be thrilled!
A pool adds to the community life at Hartstene
We could close it for this summer and then change it with a new liner and the use of a salt water with those savings.
Use State guidelines for opening and keep HPMA management out of it!
If other public pools are opened ours should be opened. If not the pool budget should be reduce next years budget
Risking the health of our paid or volunteer staff is not worth opening the pool, grab your suit and head to beach where distancing is easier.
Opening the Hot tub is probably not a good idea no matter what. Re: Pool - how would you ensure that it is fair for everyone since even in normal times the pool is super crowded and it’s hard to find a spot on the side? Would it be lottery, sign-up, etc?
change " have HPMA management construct specific operating guidelines/rules." to have the pool committee devise the guidelines and rules, NOT HPMA mgmt.
As important as I think using the pool is to our community, there are just too many issues to consider opening it this summer. We think that my that money saved by keeping it closed should be used to install an outdoor shower. Showers are necessary and mandatory before entering a public swimming pool. Since our cramped locker rooms make several people showering at the same time during a pandemic, this would be a wonderful addition for the safety of swimmers.
It’s quite simple. If people do not feel safe to use the pool and hot tub then do not use it. We purchased in The Pointe for the use of the wonderful amenities. Jan took great pride in watching us all have fun in the pool etc. and it seems that we don’t have that anymore. Very annoying how enthusiastic and quick people were to shut it down. An assessment every few weeks would have made more sense. Many of us would have eagerly volunteered to be honorary pool monitors since hiring was of concern. Many other similar communities in our area have open pools and clubhouses and are doing it successfully. An attempt would have been a wonderful gesture.
But I hope to see the money savings passed on to the community- no services for several months feels like a reduction in fees is reasonable.
I support opening the pool at 50% capacity and not opening the hot tub,
These choices are clearly self serving by the HPMA management and a complete waste of resources and my time. If you don’t want to work, then quit.
I tried to choose only one star on pool but two popped up
Please do not open the pool
I would only use for water aerobics in the morning.
In C please define or further explain what is “too complicated?” Concerned manager would make decision without approval
How cone none of these say, open the damn pool!
It's ok to let us decide for ourselves. If you don't feel comfortable at the pool then don't use it.
Since we do not have control over who or where people come from that are not permanent residents and or holiday renters ,the potential for increased exposure increased. Additionally the age of the staff on average is in the higher risk category if exposed to Covid 19.
My wife and I strongly agree with paragraph A
I think in these times it's important for all to be safe. If you do open the pool, it should be by reservation only and limited to "family/friend" groups per reservation. I have small kids and would love to use the pool, but it just doesn't feel safe. And not EVERYONE is abiding by the rules/recommedations/regulations out there, so I think that reinforces the need to either keep the pool closed or open on a reservation system with 2 hour blocks of time. It would be even better if between each reservation, bathroom/locker room could be cleaned.
The main thing is that we all remain safe in this era of COVID-19.
Love the pool! Just can't see how ANY solution to open would work without a lot of conflict at this point
The last sentence in B and C is a copout. Too complicated for whom?
As owners we feel the pool was closed for the season preemptively without even consulting the owners. We pay for this amenity and just because it isn’t as valued by the board doesn’t mean you have the right to do this. Honestly we were outraged. The way this has been handled has truly shaken our faith in this board. I think after listening to the last several meetings is that the Board is not treating owners as responsible adults, obviously if you see the pool as a risk you don’t need to use it. The same goes with the bathrooms etc, it doesn’t mean it should be closed to everyone at the Pointe it’s not in line with guidelines or science.We are asking that the pool be opened up.
I’m interested in morning lap swimming only. We don’t use the pool any other time.
Seeing the complete disregard for social distancing, mask wearing, etc., I will be patient and wait for a vaccine before enjoying the pool again. How would you get everyone on the same page?
We would like to have pool open. We have been to other association pools. They have monitor let in specific number of people. Then the others have to wait for next time slot to open. They have cleaning stations set up at different spots. This is a bucket with paper towels and spray bottles with disinfectant. There are discrete sight that say, “Please wipe down chairs and tables when finished”
Open the pool this is a service we all pay for. Dont employ kids. 18 and over. If you dont feel safe or you are at high risk dont go.
Sign in sheet should include USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and people's signature.
Odd numbered residences and even number residences alternate pool passes for odd and red for even. Weather conditions have no bearing, just luck of Mother Nature. No selling or giving away passes or those residents lose their passes. People not in water must wear face masks. If pool is overcrowded, adults and children under 6 have a half hour and then 7-20 year olds have a half hour of pool time. You guys are problem solvers, I'm sure you can come up with something equitable, safe, and enjoyable for all.
Suggest putting up sign use at your own risk.
Limit to full time residents only. No guests or visitors. Open pool only Monday - Friday
I think the pool spacing could be easily managed and people who were fearful of the pool usage could choose not to use it.
Keep it closed until a vaccine is readily available to users. Only safe and sane response.
If the pool remains closed, I wouldn't support an increase in annual fees since no expenses were incurred to run the pool

Bathrooms (not including clubhouse bathrooms)

Select which statement below is the closest to your feelings

A(32 in 339)
B(213 in 339)
C(37 in 339)
D(15 in 339)

Comments Specific to Bathrooms

Please provide any additional comments you would like us to hear

Surfaces are not the main culprit in spreading the virus. I would like the bathrooms open. The pure joy and peace found by walking the trails is better served with an OPEN bathroom. Thank you.
If some amenities are not open then budget should allow for extra cleaning.
new cases continue to run up in WA, we should stay closed until the data shows measures are working
I would only use the bathrooms in the case of an emergency. My mother-in-law is older and if the bathrooms are not available, it limits her ability to move around the Pointe as she cannot get back to the house quick enough at times.
I suggest limiting bathroom use to one family or person at a time and putting hand sanitizer outside; that should be sufficient.
HPMA has already seen a savings in staff cost to maintain the bathrooms, so that is not much of a concern
Suggesting people use their home restroom is really no alternative at all. Public restrooms are not sanitary anyway and people have been using them for years. Give people credit for knowing that the restrooms at the beach might be a little grungy and they need to wash their hands, just like Mom taught us.
Provide sanitizing spray or wipes in each bathroom - the users can spray / wipe before / after their use.
We should make every effort to increase cleaning schedule and reduce risk, e.g. signage and cleaning supplies in the bathrooms. But access to restrooms is essential.
I live close to one of the beaches, and will likely still come home to use the bathroom unless we absolutely have to use the community bathroom.
The verbage in this situation feels as if it puts us in a no win situation.
Homeowners should be encourage to bring their own wipes and wipe before using the restroom
Bathrooms need to be only used with all health issues addressed.
I do not feel that the beach bathrooms are used heavily enough to constitute a high risk situation. There could be signs posted that require masks, one person at a time, etc.
Once again, if you don’t feel safe don’t use them... make your own decision. Good grief.
I have twice observed parents taking their small children to the corner of the Spot by the N beach end to poop and pee. I followed up with one whose plan was to leave her son's feeces there. The other picked up her son's poop on her own. Please open the bathrooms!
we live far from the beach area which makes it really hard to use without near by restrooms for the kids
We need to actually have a survey of how much $$ is spent on management staff for HOA's. We spend too much on management and thus do not get the services we pay for with our dues. Bathrooms need to stay open and cleaned regularly.
6 feet distancing signs should be placed for a to the restrooms....Still very concerned about the spread of the virus from visitors come in...
Bathrooms should have hot water for washing
We pay for these amenities
Hand sanitizer dispensers are helpful .
It makes sense to have the bathrooms open. People that are concerned about potential risk associated with using the restrooms can avoid using them.
Provide disinfectant spray or wipes for those who would like to clean up before and or after use.
Keep them closed. People have proven that they are not responsible enough to safeguard their fellow humans by wearing masks let alone properly utilizing public facilities.
People should be washing their hands after use anyway
Put cleaner in the bathroom. Folks can spray down after use.
The state parks have opened bathrooms with normal cleaning. How many people use the facility?
Maintain a daily cleaning log in each bathroom to give owners confidence in sanitation. Cross train employees so that necessary cleaning during peak periods will occur.
For those that are away from their homes when the urge strikes, there needs to be a safe option.
I think in this case, people could take extra precautions and bring their own wipes etc and social distance, wear masks. i sure hope anyway.
Again, just like I stated in me previous answer, if people feel that the risk of the bathrooms are too high, they can simply choose not to use them. I will happily run the risk of using the bathrooms at any given time. Let grown ups make their own decisions.
All data points to the most likely transmission being person to person with minimal likelihood of surfaces. Bathroom access allows people to choose their willingness to gauge risk on their own.
I work at a medical building and the bathrooms only get cleaned once a day.
The bathroom being closed is totally nuts.
Lysol wipes could be provided along with hand soap for those who choose to use the bathrooms
Again, annual dues should not increase if the bathrooms remain closed
if people are concerned - they don't have to use them!!
See previous comments. This is the world that we are living in for the time being. We all need to learn how to operate in this world as normally as possible. I use bathrooms and other public places, we all know how to wash our hands and we obviously know that we are using bathrooms at our own risk. I find it ridiculous to have the bathrooms closed I don’t need board members to decide whether I’m able to properly use the bathroom safely.
I wouldn't think daily cleaning is required since we should be washing our hands after use anyway.
People are driving around the state using roadside SaniCans. They can navigate our restrooms.
These questions are emotionally charged and very leading to what HPMA management apparently wants.
I have a hard time trusting the HPMA with my money, since they cannot manage to open and clean the bathrooms without guidance from the state or DOH. Every other business can manage to clean the bathrooms.
Bathrooms and cleaning products be provided to wipe down/ spray after use
If they are not open, there could be potential problems with people choosing other outdoor areas.
I am older and need the security and comfort of an open close by bathroom.
If I-5 restrooms are open ours can't be more dangerous, we are responsible people.
Post a sign one at a is in use, green is vacant. User flips sign to appropriate color entering and leaving! Plenty of hand sanitizer available for duration of day.
I like the regulations that were mentioned, one person in the bathroom at a time, door is open, maybe additional hand sanitizer.
The recent notice regarding bathroom use was well stated.
Very, very important to us.

Clubhouse and Clubhouse Bathrooms

Select which statement below is the closest to your feelings

A(80 in 339)
B(117 in 339)
C(76 in 339)
D(21 in 339)

Comments Specific to Clubhouse

Please provide any additional comments you would like us to hear

The club rooms should never have been closed in the first place
I enjoy the clubhouse but it is unsafe to open it now
Come on! These answer options are horribly worded.
Staff work at home except the new person. If you are going to open the pool, the Club house and bathrooms need to be open too. Clubhouse Internet is important to many residents.
I think it is unsafe to let people borrow or return books from our library, as well as to use the games, puzzles and pool table, as none of these could be adequately sanitized during this pandemic. Also, bathrooms should only be for staff at this time.
I was a frequent user of the clubhouse because it is my Internet source. A few tables outside would make that available at minimal risk. With that, we would use the clubhouse very infrequently because it is an indoor amenity.
We need to protect the staff.
Bathrooms should be open for property owners. The clubhouse is an amenity. By definition, it is for recreation, not an office facility.
We are really concerned about the SURGE of the PANDEMIC...The residents have been distancing, and wearing masks. Due to the Holidays, and guests coming in from outside the area, it's really a major concern about the health and welfare of of our residents who live here full time....
I value the staff and defer to their wishes. If they are more comfortable with the clubhouse closed, leave it closed. We can do without it for a season.
This is worded most bazaar. Social distance and get back to work safely. The world outside The Pointe is progressing and figuring it out so life moves on. We can all do this safely. If you feel unsafe and at risk stay home. If I choose to to live life out in public then that is MY right. We pay for the amenities at The Pointe and that should be respected. Quite a few other communities in our area have opened their pools with a common sense and mindful approach. We applaud them for their hard work and effort to bring joy to families in these seriously trying times.
I think the clubhouse is less important than the pool
Put bank type window divider in front/back of office window.
Our owners are almost all in the highest risk category keep it closed!
If the staff feels they are vulnerable, they should stay home regardless. Simply having protection in places doesn't make them less vulnerable.
If clubhouse is open then the restrooms need to be open. Put in a spray can of Lysol and a bottle or sanitizer
It makes sense to ensure we keep staff safe. If they can be efficient working from home, it would make sense to accommodate their requests.
I miss the clubhouse, including the ability to speak face-to-face with staff, but opening poses to great a risk.
The clubhouse should be open with guidelines. The community and staff should be able to safely socially distance and the staff members do not have to open the windows or doors to their office spaces which will limit any exposure, especially with appropriate limits on occupancy and other safety measures in place.
Social distancing can be accomplished easily at the clubhouse by staff personnel. If employees are not comfortable with working in the current environment then hire employees that will.
Seems reasonable given users use common sense and good judgement...revoke individual privileges if they can't or won't adhere to the rules which are in place for the health of all.
some items in B are good, but bathrooms should be open to all.
I only list option B if everyone is wearing a mask.
I think you should designate the bathrooms as gender neutral during this time. That way one can be used by the owners and the other reserved for staff only.
I'm close to voting A because not all folks are exhibiting the same level of caution and mutual respect and awareness (of the virus) as others.
Just follow state guidelines.
As long as COVID-19 is an issue , the clubhouse should only be opened when when state health guidelines allow.
The staff are isolated from the public parts of the clubhouse! But who does the monitoring if opened with restrictions?
Nice to visit the library
front-office window could remain open ... maybe with limited hours, and requiring masks when using it
While I would love to use the club house there are too many people out there that simply do not care about the substantially at risk majority of residents in our community.
People who feel the risk of using the clubhouse is too high should stay home. I love the use of the clubhouse and I believe that people who don’t want to take those risks don’t have to.
Visiting folks can still access their phones, tablets, etc. from outside the clubhouse. I just can't see how you would achieve compliance to wear a mask, social distance, etc. Why should our lovely staff be put at risk?
B or C should allow owners who need wheelchairs, walkers, or assistance to use bathrooms.
why bother at this point. It's too hard to limit people - too many people aren't seeming to care. I don't want to see our staff put at risk.
Staff is in a closed room. They already have a very low risk.
We support the Staff using a separate bathroom. They should be limited to the Pool bathrooms.
Open with limited days or hours for owners - according to state guidelines -
Would like books and puzzles available
to include the use of bathrooms to owners, as well as, staff. Provide cleaning products to wipe down/ spray after each use.
To B, I'd also add: start with provisions in place for staff to work remotely, then see which amenities are available.
Homeowners who are concerned should be encourage to bring their own wipes and wipe the restrooms before they use it
If people are at high risk they dont need to go there
B with some modification to open hours and how people ingress/egress; big question is open for what and how to keep people for congregating.
Again, the question s are emotionally charged and self serving. If management doesn’t want to open the clubhouse, just be transparent.
Again, owners can wipe down the pool sticks and books and reduce risk. And bathrooms should be open for emergency use.
I believe the office should be open by appointment
As long as the office is able to function with the clubhouse closed, that is fine with me. I do not want to risk staff about cleaning and crowd control. There are people who blatantly refuse to follow rules and state guidelines so best to keep these areas closed.
Office workers sit six feet away and are behind plexiglass. No reason to keep inconveniencing homeowners. Please reopen.

Workout Room

Select which statement below is the closest to your feelings

A(113 in 339)
B(58 in 339)
C(41 in 339)
D(84 in 339)

Comments Specific to Workout Room

Please provide any additional comments you would like us to hear

This is an important resource for me for meeting my health/exercise requirements
There would need to be a monitor to ensure state guidelines are always observed.
Let people decide their comfort level. If you think the workout area is too risky, then don't use it.
B seems logical, but I won't be using the space until there's a vaccine--and the logistics of providing cleaning supplies and instructions may put a lot of burden on staff.
I use the workout room on a daily basis when it’s available, I believe that people should be given that choice. People who would like to use it should be able to.
Again. There are too many abusers of the rules to keep this facility open.
The workout room rarely has more than 1 or 2 people in it at a time. There is a sink to wash hands. Provide cleaning spray and paper towels for people to clean off equipment before and after use and open it. Other gyms are open
Could the overhead door be opened for more ventilation?
If you don’t feel safe to use it then don’t. BUT don’t stop those that feel like they need this for their routine and health.
of course, it should remain closed
Personally, I view this as a more high risk area and would avoid using it myself
This is important to me for medical/physical activity requirements.
Doesn’t the workout have a garage door that can be open for air circulation? You have cameras trained on the people who workout (creepy), so security shouldn’t be a problem. Come on think outside the box.
The fitness room is too small of a space to open at this time.
Too small, too confined for mask/social distancing. Compliance would be a challenge
I would have said 'C' however people's breath has a lot more water droplets when working out and there is more exposure than they might realize.
Keeping the workout room closed is a no brainer. Gyms are high sources of contagion.
Great potential for spread here
users should bring their own equipment cleaning supplies - and keep door open for better circulation
I think the workout room is our highest risk of Covid spread.
Big spreader of Covid!
Exert outside. Leave the workout room. Losed a few more months, at least until outdoor exercise becomes impractical.
Why is this facility open 24 hours per day. Hey, open the garage door if you consider this high risk.
We are probably one of the few families that actually use the workout room every time we’ve been there we have been there alone as a family as it is again closing the workout room is overkill. Common sense people at the point would go up to the workout room and if another family or person is in there they would simply come back later it’s not that difficult.
My concern is the liability associated w under 18 using workout room and becoming ill
We dont need to be micro managed.
I will add here, that I will NOT be using the workout room, for the forseeable future- get outside and walk!

What did we miss that you care about?

Playground- Use at your own risk
Rope swing
Mtn lions should stay 6 feet away!
Beach and trail use - continued use requires social distancing and wearing of masks as outlined by the state.
appreciate opportunity to provide input
Reserved Spaces; moving trash to further distance from clubhouse parking
The Rope Swing at the point.
Pool !
Its important to note that there are still property owners who own lots and come for day use. Bathrooms are a must They should use at their own risk
A possible dog park
Please move on this quickly. Many people live here BECAUSE of the amenities. People who are afraid do NOT have to use them.
Playground. This should open like city county parks.
The condition of the boat ramps needs addressing.
Someone needs to challenge Chiwawa case in terms of health not commercial arguement which S Ct did reject.
Thank you for doing this hard work!
North Beach picnic area
Please mow down the weeds growing up in the drainage ditches along each road. The Pointe looks unkempt.
I want the rope swing to be discussed as well.
Please open workout room ASAP. State requirements of social distancing and masks to be enforced
How about asking how mad we are that you all want to shut down the universe. If the kids’ rope swing is too dangerous, than take down all handrails and benches too. Its pretty obvious the board hates kids!
Could you move the bulletin boards outdoors? Create a “pass” for a 10 minute visit to the library (with masks and Pointe-provided gloves) and an outdoor book drop? Put after-use cleaning spray & wipes in bathrooms ? Require that masks be at hand in common areas like the trails and mailroom, and used when others are nearby?
ROPE SWING should be out! Let parents, not HPMA, decide if their children should partake.
I believe I make my feelings known as they come up.
Our safety is of utmost importance during this pandemic. Currently the virus is.continuing to spread with some places in the country having reached hospital capacity. We do not want to be one of those places. If we can’t use an amenity safely and have all residents comply then we should not have it available. Everyone MUST follow safety rules...our lives are at stake.
I am concerned about parking so that you have some distance between cars.
Remind people to wear masks/have them nearby. Too often on walks there are incidents where 6 feet of isolation is not viable, and virtually 99% of the time I am the only one wearing a mask. I have been actually forced off the road into the ditch, and up a driveway by aggressive walkers twice (they actually veered towards me purposefully), though none I recognize as residents.
Playground by pool
Bathrooms are important to prevent people from using the bushes
There needs to be some consideration as to how owners can safely access and utilize the Board Room for comittee meetings
A new dock is a top priority for us!
I noticed we have elected not to put up the swing in the tree at North Beach, however the swing set is still in use. And it’s used frequently (and not necessarily cleaned between users...I have noticed one parent using wipes in the swings before allowing her children on it).
Nothing. Totally appreciate your thoughtfulness and community outreach. Thank you.
Trails should be maintained and widened, especially on the west side so that owners can pass easily and maintain social distancing. Many areas are less than one foot wide.
This survey is insulting to people with any intelligence. It was manipulative, leading, and openly biased.
Clubhouse and face to face customer service
i think we should stay apart this summer with the added spikes, as a front line worker in the hospital.
Security patrols and speed limits
Rope Swing. It's a key part of the young experience at the point and should be considered.
I heard there is some interest in an on site dog park. That would be wonderful!
all owners and guests should keep their dogs on a leash everywhere at all times including the spit
The children's play area should be open and cleaned regularly.Daily. Leave some wipes for the parents to use also..
I trust the board
We would like to see a notice @ the gate to remind the visitors, and residents to wear masks, and honor the 6 feet distancing.
I would like to see the grounds at the Pointe tidy. Weeds are growing up along side every road at the Pointe.
Boat storage!!!!
Access to the office and library
We need to pursue research for Fiber Optic internet service at the Pointe. I would support this.
Should guidelines be considered for group use of the pavilions?
Allow fireworks at the spit on the 4th only. Only on the spit in a designated area.
Thank you for asking us!
The toddlers about just children 5 and under attended by one adult 21 or over???
Refund percentage of HPMA dues for amenities not used in previous quarters due to COVID!!!!
Wish VRBO rentals would not be allowed until the pandemic is over. Renters often do not think they need to wear masks and do not social distance at the Spit or North Beach. Many of us who are full time residents fall into the highest risk category due to our age. We pay the monthly dues and the renters do not, so they often don't care.
Many if us year round residents are high risk & would appreciate more encouragement for use of masks by everyone.
The use of the the picnic facility needs to conform to Corona-19 guidelines.
What is the status of all the picnic shelters....with regard to COVID?
Fiber optic internet access. During the annual meeting it was stated there be a survey for community interest.
I care about obtaining broadband internet access for 100% of the neighborhood, not just for those who live close to the clubhouse.
Kayak Storage
What about customer service and security.
Please remind drivers to slow down & remind pet owners to keep dogs on leash - even small dogs can chase a fawn over the bank. Thank you!
If the pool is reopened, there should be established adult only time. i.e. 5-7pm
The pool, although I want it to be opened only if it can be done safely. And I wonder if it can at this point.
Please install more fire rings. There also used to be 2 beach fire rings across from the spit bathrooms. They have slowly been covered by debris.please dig them out or put new ones in so we can use them
Rope swing for the kids. Kids already don't use it if someone else is. It is outside and runs a very low risk.
The rope swing should be put back up. People understand how to social distance, including young people. Signs could be posted, similar to those on the bathrooms, regarding the fact that using the swing is at your own risk.
I saw many that were not social distancing nor wearing mask this last weekend.
It would be good if an easy to read sign was posted near the entrance telling people to wear masks. It is worrisome that so few guests and visitors wear masks
The clubhouse should be open. The pool and hot tub should be open. The bathrooms should be open and cleaned regularly. If employees are not comfortable working in the quiet environment of the clubhouse with masks and social distancing, then they should take temporary leave of absence and others should be hired in their place. Services need to be provided.
Concerned staff and management will make decisions based on their convenience and not also take into consideration the wishes of residents
The spacing is a concern @ the spit.
SPEEDING is on the rise. Thank you for keeping the poop bags full. PLEASE advise owners of AirB&B guests to (A) keep their dogs on a leash and (B) PLEASE pick up your dogs poop.
It seems that keeping the roadside brush trimmed back has slipped since Jan left
Why is the rope swing still down and an issue?
Play ground, rope swing. Pool and hot tub are lumped together. The hot tub should remain closed.
Playground, covered areas, tennis courts
Use of the picnic areas.
Play equipment
It would be nice to have a monthly summary of what the maintenance staff is working on and completed projects within the month.
Very dissatisfied with the way this entire Covid situation was handled. It seemed like our employees were almost giddy to get out of opening the pool etc.. We actually agree that opening the pool area in May was too soon BUT the decision to close for the entire year was a gross knee jerk reaction. I personally sent an email to Stefan asking to be on the pool committee ( he asked for volunteers in the conference call BOD meeting) on May 16 with a follow up on May 28 and have, to date, not even received a reply. I assumed that the powers that be may not want a pool fan to have a voice.
Shelter use or reservations?
People who do not comply with the simplest of rules i.e. masks & social distance limit my enjoyment of the community I live in full time.

Any other comments you would like to share?

Can not believe there is no space available to store our boat!
Some of the choices given are slanted a certain way....we have to follow all state and local policy regarding COVID and those who wont follow can’t be allowed to use the amenities. If we already know there are going to be issues with some of our population here then keep everything closed.
No balls or floaties in the pool if it were to open? What about pool games, ping pong and other games. need to check out. Also- thanks for asking.
I trust the boards decision even if my preferences are not adopted
I would like to say thank you to HP staff and maintenance for all you do for us. You’re the BEST!!!
Thank you for all you’re doing to help keep HPMA safe
Thanks for organizing/ collating the survey -
I do believe Stephan needs to put in effort to provide physical labor as all managers have in the past. We have less labor being put forth and yet we are paying more for services that are not rendered. Stephan is a nice enough guy, but attending meetings is something that is not as necessary as getting out to clean streets and groom trails.
Thank you for asking the community their opinions on these issues before making any big decisions.
The use of the spit, ie picnic tables, fire rings and anything else shared needs to conform to regulations
Thanks for doing this! I know you all are getting a lot of pushback from people not taking things seriously enough.
outside mask wearing is not needed
Homeowners who use the clubhouse must regulate themselves.
I very much advocate for opening the pool — perhaps the rule could be only owners, no guests?
Thank you for asking
This nation wide shutdown is causing panic due to so much miss information.We need Open Up
The Pointe use to be free of weeds. It now looks like no one cares. Please tidy up the ditches full of weeds down each road.
we need more kayak storage spaces
Thank you for asking. This is a very challenging time and I appreciate all that you do.
thanks to the boar
This is the type of feedback that should be collected prior to making a decision and such decisions should not be made in the absence of such feedback. You cannot protect people from themselves and we are all making choices and gauging risk everyday.
In lieu of facility shutdown consider a refund of monies to residents.
I would like to know if the issues that were present during lockdown (piggybacking, trespassing, dog attacks) have now stopped. We should have put on extra security so these situations did not occur. In the future, if security issues arise, we should consider extra staff to help.
Thank you for working on these very difficult decisions & making the effort to include homeowners opinions.
I strongly encourage continued use of these surveys and teleconferences for all future meetings as engages a much larger portion of the community (part-timers) who are a very important part of this community and without whom we would not be able to afford to have all of these amenities.
Pool open to HP members only during the COVID crisis (no guests or rentals) might be one way to approach this and keep numbers down. Clubs doing this very thing.
The survey came to promotions in Gmail. Surprised I saw it.
Marina bathroom needs more frequent cleaning, slip/boat people work there for longer periods of time.
Thanks for putting this survey together!
I don't think it makes sense to have dues reimbursed due to amenity closures/restrictions.The Pointe is a lovely place, and a lot of work goes into keeping it nice, etc. Maybe a compromise would be to isolate money that was meant for the pool, and put that into a rainy day fund or divert the funds to support fire concerns, etc.
I appreciate the thoughtful work that is going into this. Covid 19 is here to stay, but I think people here at the Pointe are smart enough to make some of their own decisions regarding personal risk and benefit. Mental health is important, and I think over the long hall, some sense of normal life has to be established. I don't think the whole community should live in fear of the possibility that one or a few people will act stupidly. I can't see lawsuits going anywhere. Everyone knows about the virus. Trying to sue would be like suing because you stuck your hand in a lion's cage and got it bitten off.
This is a great way to reach our community for input. I would also add that we need to continue to offer meeting access via Zoom or other platforms to ensure everyone has the ability to attend, especially when a good amount of owners live elsewhere full-time.
Very grateful for all the maintance that is being completed by Allen & Richard..!!! Great job...wonderful attitude they have, and quick responses and wonderful follow through. Thank you so much for them!!!
Thank you for sending out this survey to gather input from owners. It is appreciated.
I know how difficult it has been for the BOD to deal with the virus. I appreciate your efforts and support whatever decision you make.
Ooen the pool
Hopefully the new Board will be more open to listening to all the owners rather than imposing the views of a few passionate members on the entire community
Automate work request by owners to online submission and tracking so we know when our request has been completed .
We love the newly remodeled bathrooms and would like the marina ones done ASAP :) Please!
The greater good/safety/health of the community is far more impt than access for the insensitive whiners who have disregarded recommendations.
I’m sure by now you see a theme with our comments. This closure has really struck a chord with us. It was very eye-opening to see the way things were handled at the Pointe and not in a good way. We have been aware of disagreements in the past and have always kept an open mind and try to see both sides but in this situation we were deeply disappointed by the Boards decision to close down all the amenities for the entire summer. Furthermore just trying to get somebody to listen to us as owners has been extremely frustrating. There is a deep sense of owners not being heard at Harstine right now. I think this survey is a good first step but something has to come of it.
Thank you for all you’re doing for our community.
Bicycles on trails - the Nantucket Trail seems to be a favorite trail to fly up on to the road. Cars speed around the corner (RV road corner- it's an accident waiting to happen). Owners that rent should make this rule known to their guests.
Thanks for expressing concerns and listening. We want everyone, including staff, to feel safe.
fires on the beach should be allowed since there are not fire rings and as long as people are being responsible
More security patrols to control speed!!!!!
Please do not bow to the pressure to stop following the science...we need to stay safe here! THANK YOU!
Remind people to walk on the side of the road facing traffic!!!!! So many are clueless. Also knock off the toddler and youngsters driving golf carts. Extremely tired of dodging them. Dogs off leash on Chesapeake near water treatment plant. One belongs to construction people working on a project. The other is a residents dog which is never on leash. They seem to know Pam's schedule!!
You are doing a great job! Thank you!
Health and safety always should come first!
Thank you for gathering feedback from owners. It’s the right thing to do!
Let the Adult property owners make their own decisions about the risks they and their families are willing take. HPMA is not the "nanny."
Please open them up again! I really think that folks that don’t want to visit the clubhouse/pool should just stay away from it.
Since we are getting the opportunity to voice our opinions let’s get it all out. We like to have law and order which was also majorly attractive when deciding to buy in The Pointe. The 15 mile per hour t-shirts come across as snarky and rude. Absolutely inappropriate and setting a precedent for others to create their opinions on a shirt. Maybe something on the order of “Don’t be a tool, open our pool” or “rub a dub dub open our damn hot tub ”. We truly do appreciate everyone in work positions at Harstene. There honestly is a bit of a disconnected feeling with us weekend warriors. There are many of us that grind all week and we chose The Pointe as our weekend haven. We hope consideration is made for those of us who choose to be responsible, and mindful, and want to use the accommodations that we work hard to pay for. We are also very grateful for the board sending this survey so many of us “silent owners” can be heard. Please consider opening everything safely for those who choose to responsibly use the amenities. Thank you!
Thank you for HPMA board, staff, and volunteer efforts to keep all of us safe in the time of pandemic.
I was informed by staff that pool repairs were scheduled for next year. so we could do maintenance on the pool this year while it is closed
We would to share that the PANDEMIC is still very active, and the number of cases are increasing everyday. Why would risk the safety of our residents at this time. We are noticing many residents wearing masks and abiding the 6 feet distancing. This is not happening with the people coming from the outside for vacationationing or visiting.
Again we would like to see pool, bathrooms, open
The Pointe used to look well groomed. Now weeds are allowed to grow out of control. Please spend money on keeping the Pointe tidy.
Don't let other peoples fears control the beautiful Pointe. No one is making them use an area that is open. Everyone else can take their own risk.
These are tough issues. We appreciate you being thoughtful and considerate. There is no such thing as a decision that will please everyone.
We are dues paying & property tax paying owners without a dwelling and feel penalized for not having our own bathroom to use when needed. Therefore we are unable to visit.
Over the 4th, the spit was not using social distancing.
We appreciate the staff friendliness, helpfulness, and thank them for all they do for our community.
Thanks for sending this out!
Thank you for asking. I appreciate you taking property owners input into consideration.
I am worried with renters bringing in the disease to our community. These people do not care about our community so they most probably will not follow any rules at all. Thank you fo asking for our opinions.
Keep up the good work
Prior to re-opening amenities it would be wise to have in place our own "dashboard" or triggers for closing them again. What indicators would tell us we need to close or change direction?
I’m seriously at a loss for words. HPMA clearly has an agenda that they hope to execute.
Can use more boat storage space. I like how you have used space at the spit to add bathrooms and kayak storage...can the same be done for additional boat storage???
I strongly feel the pool should be opened. it can be done smartly and safely (and there are many examples of other pools that have already done so). Northwest summers are such a special time, especially at HP. The pool is a big part of that and we should open it before these glorious, warm sunny days are behind us (who knows what kind of darkness this fall will bring)..
None at this time
Cleaning all the bathrooms twice a day should not be problem.
There are too many people at the Pointe whose age or politics keep them from embracing good public health safety measures like masks, and social distancing. Unfortunately, in the absence of conscientious observance of the rules, the Pointe needs to calibrate it’s policies to this lowest common denominator.
HPMA should review prohibiting short term rentals or VRBO visitors access to the ammenities. Even during non Covid.
Efforts should be made to curb the number of rental. These individuals take and in no way do they invest in our unique and beautiful community.
I appreciate you all!
The owners task the BOD with figuring operational function of the HPMA. We do not pay our fees so that we have to wait on state guidance, especially in regards to simple cleaning.
Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to balance COVID with owners input. We really appreciate all of yh ou!
We need a regular and frequent way of connecting with our community members - this is even more important during a pandemic. I would like to recommmend the creation of a new committee "Hartstene Connections" to welcome new owners, create a system of mechanisms to check in on each other, and take care of our more vulnerable neighbors. This place is more than the pool- the clubhouse- the bathrooms-- we are a community. Please contact me: Sheryl Hughey (425) 466-3614.
Stop all airbnb's
I really appreciate that you are asking the questions!
It would be great to have a community wash-down area for cars, boats, jet skies, etc. The only hose currently available is on the lagoon boat ramp.
appreciate your early and fortitutioous closure of the cneter and trying to keep the crowds apart
Our safety and security officer does a great job. Thanks Pam.
Ask owners if they would be willing to amended cc&rs to limit short term rentals. This issue is only going to get worse. This is my second time submitting this survey. Not sure you receive the first one..
Who wrote this? This was not a fair survey. did you send out survey to people that do not have Internet.
Good job, thanks for asking.
Reduced amenities should result in reduced assessments.
The pool is used by mostly kids except for adult swim time. It is a main attraction for the pointe.
I get the impression the management just tolerates the pool rather than appreciates how wonderful it is to many of us. I have heard management complain about the pool and say they can’t wait for Labor Day to close it (in a previous summer). Also, why not keep it open through the third week in September instead of making us beg every year? We can get chemicals, and don’t need monitors in September. Thank you for the survey.
Status of the new marina?
I would like to see people wearing masks on all trails, and at the marina coming and going on the dock.
Bathrooms took way too long to be repaired.
Great survey. Thanks!
I think all necessary precautions should be taken to assure the safety of the many seniors in the Harstine community.
You all are doing a great job balancing the risks. Thank you!
As more people return for summer, maybe more/new picnic tables and sitting benches at North Beach and Spit separated accordingly for social distancing, nice to see more charcoal grills on spit
In general, I have been impressed by the people at the Pointe doing a good job of taking precautions and social distancing. Kudos to everyone who is taking this seriously and doing their part!
Each of us has the responsibility to follow accepted guidelines. We do not need Board rules, signs and additional restrictions.
Thank you to the staff for requesting owner input via this survey.
I'm concerned about the condition of the roads, with significant cracking in the asphalt developing
We could gain so many efficiencies by updating the technology in the office to eliminate all of the multiple spreadsheets (and error rates on those spreadsheets). So many labor hours could be saved/eliminated by improving our systems.
Should have a plan in place to change course, as-needed. (What would close the pool again? Etc.)
Thanks for doing a survey!!!!

Would you fill out additional surveys in the future?

Yes(263 in 339)
No(1 in 339)
Depends on how busy I am(13 in 339)