2021 Proposed Dog Park


Some homeowners have requested the Board consider the development of a dog park at the Pointe. This would be a new amenity and the Board of Directors is seeking feedback from Property Owners to gauge the demand for a dog park.

Currently dogs are required to be leash restrained throughout the Pointe except in designated off leash areas. Off leash areas are currently defined as all beaches below the bulkheads or bluff and on the spit road surface beginning after Labor Day and runs until Memorial Day. Conversely, between Memorial Day and Labor Day the spit road and all areas above the bulkheads at the spit becomes an on-leash area.

Items the Board is considering are a possible location, cost to build, liability insurance, estimated yearly costs to operate, height of the fence and what the ground surface material will be.

Proposed Location:

Near the Clubhouse behind the HPSWD building near the mailroom, between the children’s playground and PDE, and above the trail that runs between the pool and PDE. You can visit the site and see the area that is staked off.

Cost to Build:

Total cost to build is estimated at $15,296.45. This is not a budgeted project, refer to possible funding options.

Liability Insurance: Will add around $400 a year to the Pointe’s current insurance cost.

Estimated Yearly Operating Costs: Estimated at $2,560.00 per year

Fence Height: 4 feet tall

Ground Surface Material: Natural ground cover associated with our forest floors with gravel and sand as needed to avoid muddy traffic areas.

Possible Funding Options:

Use Lot 13 Funds. Lot 13 funds originated from the sale of a lot which was given to HPMA by Weyerhaeuser in a legal settlement. Lot 13 funds are dedicated to new HPMA amenities. Additional Lot 13 funds may be generated by donations from owners specifically designated for this fund or the Board may transfer money as defined in the Rainy Day Fund. Currently there is $28,000 remaining in the Lot 13 fund.

Donations: Raise the money for the Dog Park from owner donations.

The project falls into the same area as the new play center that was built for children a few years ago. The play area was funded by a combination of Lot 13 Funds and donations.

Are you in favor of a Dog Park?
Do you have a Dog?
Will you use the Dog Park?
Do you agree with the proposed location?
How would you like to see this funded?

Lot 13?
How would you like to see this funded?

How would you like to see this funded?

Combination of Lot 13 and Donations?
Do you think Lot 13 would be better spent on other new amenities in lieu of a Dog Park?
Would you donate to the project?